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How to Make It Through A Cold Streak at The Crap Table

Online casino games such as craps, blackjack and roulette are very popular among players around the world. Scratch card games are also increasing in popularity as they allow gamblers to place minimum bets. While playing craps, streaks are an inseparable part of the game and understanding their nature can help you in increasing your odds of winning. Keep reading to know how to survive a blizzard at the crap table.

Hot and Cold Streaks in Craps

A streak in the game of craps is an event which has a 50% chance of occurring two or more times in a row. Most of the gamblers believe that if an event has occurred three or four times repeatedly, the opposite result of the event is about to happen next time. However, most of the high-rollers suggest that no matter how many times an event has happened in a row, there is still a 50% chance to happen again.

Some players believe that hot and cold trends exist, but they are a total myth in craps. Gamblers believe that the unpredictable future can be predicted with the help of the current trends at the crap table. But they’re totally wrong in this assumption. Craps is a game of future and past events; there is no present in the game despite what the players might think.

A cold table in craps is any table that has more 7-outs that the gambler expects. Cold streaks are actually the standard variances from the norm. Keep in mind that the same variances are responsible for winning streaks too. A variance generating fewer 7-outs than expected is the exact result that the Pass Line Bettor want.  

Dont Pass Line in Craps

The Don’t Pass bet is a quite popular wager in craps. Gamblers who prefer to use this bet are known as “wrong” players and they bet against the shooter, who is considered as “right” player. Don’t Pass bets pay 1 to 1 odds, which makes them quite fair. As the house has an edge of 1.41% on Pass Line bets and 1.36% on Don’t Pass bets, they are quite better than the pass line.

How to Survive a cold Craps Table

Keep in mind that whenever you’re experiencing a cold table, all you’re seeing is a totally normal distribution variance that is different from your betting style. While experiencing a losing streak, you have three basic options:

Follow Your Betting Style and Wait for the Variance to End – This approach is more common among right bettors. After the result trends away from their Pass Line wagers, they stick to their betting style and wait for the variance to end,

Change Your Betting Style – If you experience a variance against the appearance of a 7, you can start betting on the Don’t Pass Line. If you’re betting on the 7-out and it isn’t coming, switch to Pass Line bets.Take a Break – If you experience a cold streak, walking away from the table can also be a good option. Taking a break will help you to stay on top of your game.

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