Top 10 outstanding casino betting options online

casino-playersMost of the people want to play casino games for its excellent betting options and earning a lot of money. When the online casino game lovers are having an option of online casinos, they can place a bet on any games and at any time. Some casino bets are better than others. Here are top 10 best casino bets and games to play in the online casino platforms. Those top casino bets are explained here for the casino players.

Casino poker

The casino poker is a gaming skill that is a main factor in determining the casino winners. If the casino players are playing poker games online, they can make use of this feature for high level betting.

Blackjack card counting

Everyone must need to learn counting blackjack cards over the casino. If the casino game players have the best card counting skills, they can get the betting and money winning options through online gaming.

Video poker

Video poker is some other casino game of skill that is very helpful to correct the playing decisions of the casino players. The video poker games are always offering 100 percent payback to the players by utilizing suitable maths strategies. When the casino lovers are playing this video poker game, they can utilize this option of betting to earn huge money.

Blackjack basic strategy

The blackjack basic strategy will be helpful to lower the competition of the house edge while playing online casinos. It is really based on number of used decks and also rules of the game. With this basic strategy of blackjack games, they can make the best gaming and betting decisions.

Craps don’t pass or don’t come

The fifth option is especially for the players who wish to play craps games. The don’t pass and don’t come in the craps game is betting than the pass line gaming bets. Most of the players would like to use pass line betting option. But it is highly useful than it for earning some extra cash online.

usa-casinosCraps pass line or come

The craps pass line or come bets in the casino games will lower the competition and increase winning chances. Its household percent is only 1.41 percent for increasing the winning chances of the players.

Pai gow banker:

When the casino lovers want to play pai gow game, they can choose to act as the banker while playing game. It will improve their winning chances and they can also get more money.

Baccarat banker

The baccarat banker is actually a banker bet in the Baccarat. It has a small house edge than a player bet but it will require payment only after the players won the game.

Baccarat player

The player bet in the baccarat is also very helpful betting option with the house edge of the game. If the casino players want to avoid a tie bet option with other players, they can choose this bet on the internet.

Craps place 6 and 8

Placing 6 and 8 at the craps table will really be the best bets in the casino games. The game house edge in this betting option is only 1.52 % for the best online money earning benefits of the casino players.

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