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Top 8 games played by gamblers in casinos

gamblers in casinosEveryone loves to take part in gamble for having fun and making money. Even though people could not win games they never quit playing this type of games since they like to get real fun and entertainment in winning this game. The time of visiting a casino to play the games has changed to playing the games online at casino sites. Following are the top 8 games that gamblers love to play in casinos. Poker is a type of card game having its base on 5 card hand. Ranking of hands start from lowest towards highest in the way high card, pair of cards, two pair of cards, three of the same kind of card, straight, flush, the full house, four cards from the same kind of cards, straight flush and the royal flush. Player who stays with best hand is the winner of this game. Many versions are there in poker game such as pineapple and 5 card draw. Craps ranks second and this is a dice game.

The players of the craps game place their bets around table. Many places are there for them to choose. The main focus in this game is the pass line. Blackjack game ranks third in top eight casino games. This is a type of card game that is played between the players and the house. In this game, players who have hands that can beat the hand of the dealer without going cards over 21 win the game. Slots is one among the popular game. These are slot machines that can play several numbers of games. In this game, the player will spin the wheel and he will be paid as per the symbol patters obtained after the wheels stop spinning. Roulette is another game in which the player uses his chip to place the bet on table. After the wheel stops rotating the ball will land in any of the numbered slot. All bets of the players that matches with the numbered slot win.

casinoPia gow poker game is played by players against dealer or house rather than other players. Dealer will deals out each player seven cards and himself. The players must try to make best 2 card and 5 card poker hands. If both the hands of the player beat the dealer, winner is the player. If both the player and dealer win a hand, then it will be a push. Keno is a type of lottery game in which a player can obtain a card that is numbered between 1 and 80. Then the player has to pick 20 numbers with a wager. He will try to match the numbers he had with 20 numbers drawn by caller randomly. Wheel of fortune or the big six game is played by players by placing their bet on any of the six symbols on table. After the wheel stop spinning the bets placed on symbol wins the game. Baccarat and bingo is some other popular casino games that casino lovers like to play.

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