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Warriors will try to make capital with their excellent game

With 8 consecutive NBA wins in a row, Warriors didn’t require any added motivation during their trip to Washington. During this trip, they had a private meeting with Barack Obama, the former US president.

Warriors: how to make capital with a good game

Warriors are proud of their 8 wins in a row. That’s why they didn’t need any extra motivation during their trip to Washington. However, Stephen Curry decided to make a stop before an important game with Wizards for a private meeting with Barack Obama. If you want to predict the outcome of this game, choose pinup.

This meeting was brokered by the 6-time All-Star, but the former US president chose to stay private, not to make any political statement. The event went viral when a security guard posted a picture of the meeting on his Instagram. It was deleted later. Warriors will visit the White House in the near future to celebrate their titles during the presidential term of Donald Trump. According to players, the meeting went well, and Warriors will try to make capital on their excellent game. Curry led the team and scored 30 points in average in past six games. DeMarcus Cousins is back from a 1-year absence because of the Achilles injury. Kevin Durant is famous for successful 3-point attacks. The team does its best to adapt its defensive tactics to stopping 3-point attacks. We’ll see how it will perform in the 2019 season.

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