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Punto Banco: Only-Luck Based Card Game!

huhuhuHave you ever heard the word “Punto Banco”? Punto Banco is one of the popular games in online gambling. Punto Banco is a game that uses cards as a medium. This game is a modification of the game baccarat. Not only Punto Banco, Chemin de fer, and baccarat are some kind of card game that have the same principle but with different rules. This game (Punto Banco) has a characteristic, which allows the players to take turns controlling the bank and generally this game uses four decks of cards.
How exactly baccarat is? The word “baccarat” means zero. This game was originated in Italy in the middle Ages. Of the Italian the game spread to France and suffered a modification there and being called the Chemin de fer. From France, the game spread to England and then to the Latin American region. In Latin America, the game was modified for the umpteenth time and was named to the Punto Banco. From Latin America, the game spread to the north with brought by Latin American immigrants and later became very famous in Las Vegas. After decades of playing in various conventional casinos, eventually Punto Banco is played in casinos online since last few years.

How to play
If you play Punto Banco online then you would find that you can only use a maximum of nine cards. How to play is simple. You just need to get a score closest to number 9. As in the game of other card-based games, this game set specific values on some kind of card. In this game, King is worth 10, Queen and Jack is worth 0, aces is worth 1, while the card 2 to 9 have the same value as their name.

Determination of winners is done by summing all three cards. Cards with a total value of 10 are considered to be zero. For example, Billy get cards with a total value of 10, then Billy considered getting a value of 0. If a player gets the total value of which exceeds 10, then the excess is regarded as the final total value. For example, Noah scored a total of 17, because 17 is greater than 10, and the difference is 7, then the total value of the end Noah is 7. If there is a player who scored a total of 9, he would be called get natural value. This game is one of several simplest card games in the world.

Before playing, the players must give the stakes first. The player and the banker receive two cards each. Then the dealer announces the total score of each player. If anyone has a score of 8 or 9, then he is called got a natural and does not need a third card. There are several rules that determine whether a third card is needed. In this game, each player playing against the banker, rather than against other players like in other games. If the victory is in the hands of bankers, the game is called “banco”, whereas if the victory is in the hands of the players, then the game is referred to as “punto”. Punto Banco table’s layout is very interesting and is usually dominated by the presence of the boxes. If the game ended with Punto, then bets will be paid according to its value, whereas if won by Banco, then bets will be paid to the 19/20 ratio of the value of the bet.more-about-online-gambling1

There is compelling reason why the game is so attractive and able to attract millions of players from all over the world lay. The reason is because the game is just based on luck, nothing more and nothing less! We know that most gamblers would lay lazy to learn the tactics and techniques those are required for some online gambling games. They would be more interested in playing Punto Banco that doesn’t need experience and best represents the essence of gambling itself that is LUCK!

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