Biggest Slot Wins In History

Slots has always been one of the most popular forms of gambling due to their ease of play and the amount of adrenaline is created once you make that spin. Because of slots being so popular, there have been some huge wins on the slot machines in the past and today we look at some of the biggest wins in history.

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Possibly one of the most impressive wins in the history of slots is the story of Elmer Sherwin who was a World War II veteran who won not just once on the slots, but twice, and he won big. He was 76 he won $4.6 million on the Megabucks jackpot, only 10 hours after the casino was open to the public. Being his age, he travels the world with the money and gave some money to his family. 16 years after his win, he travelled back-to-back to the Megabucks machine and became the first person ever to win over a million twice, this time claiming $21 million! Due to his age this time, he gave a lot of his winnings to the victims of the Hurricane Katrina – a lovely touch.

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Another person in their 70’s was the next to win big on the slots, Amy Nishimura won $8.9 million when she travelled from her home country of Hawaii to Vegas. She also won on the Megabucks machine but =this time at the Freemont Hotel. She played for nearly 3 hours on the same machine, and only put in $100 dollars which showed some serious commitment to get a win.

Another huge win was this time from the Excalibur Casino but from an unknown 25-year-old that has never revealed their identity after a $39.7 million win. They were in Vegas to watch a basketball game and thought they’d have a quick spin whilst they waited to watch their game. Imagine going to play slots with no intention of taking home such a huge win and claiming the jackpot! The unknown winner decided to take the winning at $1.5 million for the next 25 years of his life.

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