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Types of casino slots

slot-machine-headerSeveral types of slots are available in both offline or real and online casinos all over the world. There are some aspects that have a tendency to give some variations in the slot types and in the end; the choice is up to the casino players to decide the slot type that suits them best. Let us discuss some of the casino slot types that casinos provide as choice for the players to choose from. Some of the types are 3 reel classic, 5 reel slot, video, bonus, multi spin online and progressive jackpot slots. 3 reel classic types of slots are designed after the first slot machine developed by Charles fey. This type of slot machines has three separate reels that depict the assortment of images or symbols. The symbols used in this machine are theme based such as playing cards and different fruits. These symbols are combined to form a matching pattern and create a charming combination of symbols.

imagesIt is easier for players to create the winning combination using this type of slot machine since there are only three reels is there instead of being 5 or 7. 5 reel slot machine works in the same way followed by 3 reel type. Only difference is instead of being 3 reels, 5 reels are there in this slot and it creates difficulty in creating the winning combination. Video slot machines are most often used slot machines in both offline and online casinos. This type of slot machine becomes more preferable by many gambling lovers due to its diverse nature and ease of use. This type of slots comes in 5 and 7 reel varieties even though 9 reels have also been developed. Bonus slots are favorite choice of veteran slot players. This type of slot offers free bonus spins to the players to combine 3 bonus symbols or more than it. Bonus symbols can be found by searching in the pay table.

Multi spin online is one among the slot types and this is a multi spin slots that are perfect for casino players who require a little excitement while spinning the reels. This type of slots is often found in slot machines with 3 reel variety. This type of slot is played like playing the 3 reel classic. Each and every set of reels are triggered by inserting the coin for every individual reel sets. An example for this is using 9 coins to trigger the 9 set of reels. Progressive jackpot slots come in various types such as 3 reels, video slots, multi spins, bonus slots and 5 reels. This type of slot is one that can offer steadily and growing jackpot for the players with best winning symbol combination. Every time they fed the money into the slot machine, a small percentage of the money will goes to the growing or progressive jackpot. This will grows and develops in the same manner until the player hits the best combination of symbols. Players can choose their favorite type of slot machines and enjoy gambling.

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