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Types available in casino slot games

casinoPlaying online casino games are favorite pass time for many people who love to gamble and have fun. Variety of games is available in casinos and one among them is slot machines or slot games. Basically there are four types in the slot machines. Most commonly used slot machines are reel spinners, progressive slots, video slots and community slots. Let us the basics of these slot machines in detail. Reel spinners are slots that functions mechanically using the revolving reels. This revolving reel helps the dealer to decide and display the results or winner of the game. Even though the original slot uses five reels, three reel slot machines have become the standard one in most of the online casinos. Few slots of the popular reel spinner are blazing 7s, double diamonds and 10x pay. Video slots are another type in the slot machines available at online casinos.

Video slot machines have no parts that move in the game. Instead this slot displays the graphical representation of spin reels on the screen or monitor. In this slot type creative slot manufacturers offer many interactive elements such as bonus games, movie clips and sophisticated graphics. Players can watch the movie clips from any of the recent movie brands or retro TV slot. Most of the video slot machines display five reels instead of three. In this slot, multiple pay lines can pay off and any other patterns that the manufacturer specifies. Bonus feature of this slot can return more number of bet amounts. Progressive slots can either video slot or reel spinners. This slot type is for people who like to win a jackpot in the game play. Each of the slot machines in this group gives small cash to the progressive jackpot that that the player who obtains a specific symbol combination on nine line or regular slot machine receives it. There are some cases where multiple machines are connected across many casinos. In such cases, the slot manufacturers own the machines and they are responsible for paying the winners the jackpot amount.

gamblingA best example of progressive slot machine is wheel of fortune. Some other slots are Indiana Jones, wizard of oz and star wars. Community slot machine is the last type that is mostly a video slot type. Sometimes this slot is progressive slot type. Players can play in certain designated bonus rounds and earn points or coins. Some examples of this slot type are wheel of fortune, star wars, super spin, multi level progressive, eBay video slots and monopoly big event. Another type of slot is straight slots. Straight slots are machines that play the slot games only. These slots pay out on the pay table. Even though this type of slot is very easy to play there are some variations. Some of the variations are wildcard, the multiplier, buy a pay, multiple pay lines and bonus multiplayer. Players can choose their favorite slot machine at the best casino site, make investment, play the game and have fun in gambling.

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