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Are Progressive Jackpot Slots Really Worth Playing?

The progressive jackpot is a term that has a magical lure to it. The mammoth jackpot amount associated with this type of online slots is the sole reason for the attraction around these games. Players are striking on the headlines by winning millions of pounds that only seems to be getting bigger by the day is adding to the craze. Some very lucky players have made 7 digit jackpots from a spin with a negligible bet. But are progressive jackpot slots for everyone?

Are these really worth playing?

Let’s find out.

The functionality of progressive jackpot slots 
The difference between regular online slots and progressive jackpot slots is that while regular slots have fixed jackpots the latter has a jackpot that is growing by the day. The jackpot amount of a progressive jackpot slot keeps accumulating for every losing spin made on the game. With millions of players from around the world engaging in these games no wonder the jackpot runs into such high figures.

When a winning spin is made the player bags the accumulated jackpot and the jackpot amount of the slot starts afresh growing from zero. The jackpot wins do not feature in the base game of the slot. Winning in such game can be made in the bonus rounds that is triggered by a winning combination of scatter symbols. Most online slots require the maximum bet to be wagered on a winning spin to play the larger jackpots.

The different types of progressive jackpots 
Progressive jackpots are classified into different types based on the jackpot amount and the wagering required. Mega jackpots are those with the highest jackpot amount totalling into millions. These online slots have a lower chance of payout and require maximum bets. But if a player wins this game, then it would be a life changing one. Minor jackpots offer a maximum win of a few thousands of pounds. These have a higher chance of payout and can be made on lower wagering. Some slots even offer mini jackpots that offer a maximum of £10. Major jackpots require slightly high wagering and have a better chance of payout of its jackpots running into tens of thousands.

The high variance factor of online slots with progressive jackpots 
Understandably progressive jackpot slots are high variance slots that have sparsely spread wins. The higher payouts of these jackpots make up for the less frequent wins. If you have a generous bankroll to back you up on wagering through these sparse wins, then progressive jackpot slots may suit you. But if you are on a tighter budget, wagering on the spins may leave you dry even before you reach the bonus round to trigger the progressive jackpot. We advise you to steer clear of progressive jackpots on a lesser bankroll. So finally it all boils down to your budget and willingness to risk some of it. While these online slots are no doubt attractive, the high variance factor should be kept in mind as these may not suit everyone.

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