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UFA: Digital Sports Betting Industry in Thailand Explained

Thai Lottery and horse racing are the only forms of legal gambling accepted by the Thailand Law. But betting on the Internet is very popular in Thailand because the police doesn’t focus on sites that have proper licenses and are legal in other countries.

For instance, in Chatuchak Markey located in BKK and Night Bazaar located in Chiang Mai, people will find jerseys with BWIN logos that are for sale. On popular Thai online sites, casinos are allowed to post their advertisements. Ladbrokes are also entitled to sponsor Asian football tours in the country. The presence of digital gambling websites is very easy to spot.

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Online sites for sports betting

There are different kinds of websites locals can use when they want to bet in sporting events, play online games like poker and baccarat or visit casinos on the Internet. Two of the ideal ways to play or gamble online is to use Asian bookies or UK bookmakers.

Betting in land-based casinos can also be an excellent option. In this article, we will take a closer look at the differences, benefits, and how to use these two. For people who are not aware of how betting on the Internet works, let us explain post up first.

What is post up?

Both the UK and Asian bookmakers run their operation on post up. It means that people can only bet the amount they have in their account. Let us say they deposited 3,000 Thai Baht, and they make a 500 Thai Baht bet. The amount will be taken from their account that will show 2,500 THB in balance.

If their bet loses, nothing will happen. If they win the bet, the amount is returned to their balance, as well as the winnings. At any time, they can cash out all their account balance. With Asian bookmakers, the cash outs are paid directly to their Thai bank account.

Using Asian bookies

One of the easiest ways to enjoy online sports gambling is to use Asian bookmaker sites. Some websites are licensed in other countries that also markets to Thailand. They are offering Casino games like Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and sports betting.

If you have a Bangkok Bank, SCB or Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank or Krung Thai Bank account, making a post-up deposit is a lot easier. You can use their online banking application, make deposits at their Automated Teller Machine, or transfer funds at their bank branch.

There are a lot of benefits of using Asian bookmaker when betting for sports events. They support both English and Thai language. Not only that, but it is also a lot easier to deposit using a direct bank transfer in THB or Thai Baht, that is why there is no currency exchange fee involved. A lot of bookies offer their customers, payout to Thai banks with no banking charge.

On these websites, people will find live casino games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and poker. There are also digital slot machines and other games like dice, commonly known as craps. The benefits of this type of gambling are far too many to mention.

Football (or Soccer for our North American and Australian brothers and sisters) is the leading sports of these Asian websites like ufabet Thailand. These sites cover all major leagues like La Liga of Spain, English Premier League, Italian Seria A, and Bundesliga of Germany.

People will also look at betting odds for leagues from all over the world, not only Thai Premier League or TPL, but also European and Asian leagues like the Korean and Japanese League (or J-League). These websites also cover Volleyball, Tennis, Formula 1, Basketball, and other popular sports.

Although not all bookies offer casino games like poker, some of them do. They offer Texas Hold’em cash games, scheduled multi-table, as well as sit and go tournaments. Because a lot of the website’s customers are from the Far East, where the game poker is not a big as other places like the United States, the games played in these places are pretty soft. On average, it is very easy to win cash in the Bodog Poker compared to more popular websites like Party or PokerStars.

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Using a UK Bookmaker in Thailand

Using UK bookmakers in Thailand is not the same as using Asiana bookmakers. But it is worth the hassle if correctly set up. The reason why gambling is legal in the United Kingdom since the 60s because it is adequately regulated, and reputable companies have the necessary licenses.

Not only that, but these online casinos are also usually owned by prominent and respected companies, so people know for sure that the games they are playing are fair and square since the United Kingdom Gambling Commission audits these games. They are very strict when it comes to this industry.

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