Football Betting Suggestions – How To Make More Profitable Bets

Football betting strategies help fans of the most popular sports win at the bookies. In this article, we’ll take a look at several football betting schemes on odds2win, including one win-win.

What is a strategy in sports betting

A strategy in betting is the rules and principles that betting players have derived from personal experience. Once you have chosen a strategy, you must follow its recommendations. Before playing for real money, it is better to test any strategy on a betting simulator. You can also enter each selected bet into the table without risking any money.

Double odds betting strategy

A double chance bet is a single bet on a match, which wins with two out of three possible outcomes. There are three choices in the double chance market:

  • 1X – a win for the first team or a draw.
  • X2 – the victory of the second team or draw.
  • 12 – win for the first or second team.

Bet you want to make these three cases:

  1. The favorite’s safety net. If the odds are 1.95 for a clear favorite win, you can bet on 1X for about 1.30. If you doubt the home team’s success but want to make a big bet, it’s worth taking 1X.
  2. Bet on the underdog. Choose matches where the favorite has problems with the squad, motivation, and accumulated fatigue. Double odds on the underdog and draw will be high odds.

Bet against a draw. Bet on 12 if you meet opponents who are only satisfied with a win.

Betting strategy for total goals in the first half

The odds for the same TB are always higher in the first half than in the second half. Bet on a total over 1 at odds of at least 1.50. Otherwise, play a total of over 1.5 to increase your possible profit. Choose a match of teams that attack without scouting. Wait 5-10 minutes and bet online in play to increase the odds.

Winning and win-win strategies for sports betting

There are relatively win-win strategies for sports betting – they are Flat, Miller, Kelly criterion. Using plus, safe strategies are not only profitable but also easy. How to earn is clear at once, no complicated formulas and calculations need to be applied.

  • There are more risky and far from win-win ways to bet online in India on football and other sports. They are the Dogon, Ladder, Martingale.
  • But these systems also have many advantages, so they are widely used all over the world.

To use one or another technique is a personal choice of the bettor. You can find a description of the strategies and their secrets on betting sites in India. It is up to you to decide whether or not to use a scheme. One thing is certain: betting by the strategy is 99% safer and more profitable than random betting.

Catch-up betting strategy

Catch-up is a betting strategy in which you increase the amount of your next bet or odds after every loss so that the first win makes a profit, e.g. at In the classical betting strategy known as martingale, you always place a bet with odds of 2.00 and after every loss, you double your next bet.

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