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Online casinos vs. Land-based casinos

There are generally two reasons why people play casino games, the first one is that they do it for fun and entertainment and the second reason is that they want to make money. These two reasons mean that people have to look for where they can get the best entertainment and where they can get value for money in terms of good payout percentages and also the best odds. This is where the debate of online casinos such as and land-based casinos come up. Which one offers more of what you want and which one should you go to? Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of online casinos and land based casinos which should help you in deciding where you should go.


For those who want casinos solely for entertainment purposes, land casinos seem to be the real deal. Playing in a real setting makes the whole notion of a casino ring true. From the games themselves, you get to sit at the table with other humans and put your skills at play including those psychological skills that come inherently in some people such as using the facial expressions and body language of your opponents or the dealer to influence your next game moves. It’s always refreshing to know that you used your ‘powers and skills’ to win a game. You also get to hear the mechanical sound of the slot machines and you are not inhibited by the environment to express your joy when you win.

The other thing is that you also get to benefit and enjoy the other stuff that comes with playing in a land-based casino such as free cocktails, buffets, and hotel accommodations. Mixing and mingling with other players on its own is also great as it improves your social skills and is also a form of networking.


Though each one is influenced by different reasons to visit and play games at a casino, there are times when we have to compromise and do what works for us at that particular moment. This is when convenience comes into play, you may like the casino because of the entertainment, however, due to some reasons possibly beyond your control, traveling to a land-based casino may impact on other tasks, and therefore, the option is to go for the one where you don’t have to risk other areas of your life. Online casinos, in this case,acts as a stop-gap measure.

Value for money

For those whose quest is to enrich themselves as much as they can at a casino, the best route is an online casino. This is because online casinos offer more in terms of promotional offers and bonuses. They also offer the best odds in comparison to land-based casinos and the chances of one hitting a jackpot at an online casino are higher than at a land-based casino. The reason why online casinos offer more financial rewards is that they do not have to foot other expenses like rentals that land-based casinos are obliged to pay.

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