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3 Main Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin CasinosIf you are into gambling, you have most probably tried playing in various online casinos. The obvious advantages of it is that you can do this activity right from the comfort of your couch, it is pretty easy to combine gambling while doing other things that you like and many other advantages. However, there are drawbacks as well. This is why this article will explain you the strong points behind casinos that accept Bitcoins.


The worst thing about regular online casinos is that you usually have to make a deposit using your credit card. Even though you simply want to gamble for some $50, leaving a footprint on your credit card history may be something that would be very painful for you. If your bank finds out that you prefer occasional blackjack, this can easily result in 2% or 3% extra on your mortgage. When it comes to Bitcoin casinos, you are topping up your account with a cryptocurrency which does not really leave any trace on your account history. In other words, nobody will find out that you are playing in the Bitcoin casino unless you start talking about it.


Depending on your location there is a possibility that the earning from gambling are going to be taxed, and sometimes these taxes can be quite heavy. Once you have deposited $100 into an online casino and have withdrawn some $500, it will be clearly visible that you have made some profit and now supposed to declare it. When you are engaging in Bitcoin gambling, taxes are something you can forget about as it is pretty hard to link your Bitcoin wallet to your identity. Even though you may win a lot and be quite afraid of cashing out your BTC due to the tax reasons, the good news are that there are tons of places that accept Bitcoins as a payment method. Hence, you can easily spend your winnings without converting them into dollars or any other currency.

Pure Joy

Another advantage of Bitcoin gambling is that it is slightly more advanced technologically than regular online casinos. Bitcoin is considerably a new technology and Bitcoin gambling houses have started appearing only a few years ago. This tells us that most of the Bitcoin casinos are actually going to use the most recent tools to develop their gambling applications. When settling for a Bitcoin casino you are simply going to enjoy more as the software will be more transparent, advanced and deliver better look and feel.

Summing it up

Once you have set your mind to gambling – choose a Bitcoin casino. This way you will be able to gamble in a stealthy mode and this will help you to avoid leaving footprints at your credit history. Also Bitcoin gambling helps in avoiding taxation on your winnings. Finally, you can simply gamble using more advanced technologies when you set your mind to a gamble using Bitcoins.

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