A complete guide on Roulette bets

Which do you think is the most thrilling casino game? Poker? Blackjack? Maybe Slot games? That was a good try but it is a no to all of them.

Roulette is famously called the most thrilling casino game ever since the first casinos were established. Time passed by, and the game moved from the Roulette table to Roulette online in NZ online casinos but the thrill of the game is nowhere to go. What makes this game full of drama and suspense is its unpredictability and payout systems. Experts have made strategies to track the game but some of them are not allowed in the casino while others don’t work. Therefore, the game still remains unpredictable.

Coming to the payout, it is the betting options that make the game everyone’s favourite. Be it a novice or a pro, everyone is enthralled by the game’s aura. So here is a complete guide on Roulette bets that you must know if you want to experience the true fun of playing a roulette game.

Odd/Even bets – The roulette wheel has numbers from 1 to 36 and a ‘0’ slot if you are playing on the European Roulette table. As we all know, the numbers can be categorised into two parts as Odds and Evens, the roulette wheel is also categorised into these two. You can either choose that the ball will land on an even number or an odd number. This way you keep a 50% probability of winning.

Red/Black bets – if you look keenly, you will find that the luck deciding are not just numbers, but also have colours in the background. The roulette game gives you the option to bet on one of the two colours i.e. Red or Black. The red and black colours are painted equally on the wheel and hence your winning probability is 50%.

High/low bets – The numbers on the wheel can be divided by two to make two different categories. It categorises all number below 18 as Lows and the number 18 and above as Highs. You can now place your bet on any of the categories. Since there are equal numbers on both sides, the probability still remains 50%.

Dozens/Column bets – In this bet, you can bet on a whole column from the roulette table or on sets of first, second or third 12 numbers. In both the conditions, the winning probability comes down to 33%.

Line bet – You can place a bet on any six consecutive numbers from the roulette table and your probability of winning decreases to 16.66%.

Corner/Square bet – Now the game starts to get more precise with each step. In a corner/square bet, you can bet on a set of 4 consecutive numbers from Roulette table. The winning percentage for the players here is 11.11%

Street bet – A street in Roulette is any three consecutive numbers on the roulette table. You can bet on any street and your winning probability comes down to 8.3%.

Split bet – Be precise and select any two continuous numbers from the roulette table to place a split bet. The winning percentage is now at 5.5%.

Straight bet – This is the luckiest move you can make in a game of roulette where your winning chances are a mere 2.7%. Place on a single number and it will be called a Straight bet.

Yes, that winning percentage has gone down the hill from where we started. But what you didn’t see climbing at the same speed was the payout ratio. Here I am leaving you with a table that shows all in a glance.

Type of bet Win Percentage Payout Ratio
Odd/Even 50% 1:1
Red/Black 50% 1:1
High/Low 50% 1:1
Dozen/Column 33.33% 2:1
Line 16.22% 5:1
Square/Corner 11.11% 8:1
Street 8.3% 11:1
Split 5.5% 17:1
Straight 2.7% 35:1

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