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What will Online Casino Look Like in 50 Years?

The casino has gone under serious transformation all these years. It changed side by side with technology from switching medium to high with many added features. It all started in 1990’s in Italy and from then on the wagering has never stopped.

Initially, Casinos originated in land and had mechanical mechanisms to perform the actions and the required movements. With the development of electronics, the casinos evolved to the next stage which allowed the manufacturers to have more control over them. The rate of winning and losing was altered. Microprocessors were added to the casinos which made them more advanced and reliable. Random Number Generators made its way into casinos only after the invention of the microprocessors.

Next came the big wave of online casinos. These casinos let the players’ access the casino table’s right from where they are and whenever they want. People who can’t travel miles to experience casinos were able to access games right from their living rooms. Then mobile casinos like Jackpot Mobile Casino brought online casinos to pockets.

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So, What Will Online Casino Look Like in 50 Years?

Augmented Reality (AR):
Augmented Reality is the direct or indirect interaction of the digital elements with the real word.

One of the easiest examples of AR is a weatherman waving hands on a climatic backdrop. Another example is the recent viral Pokémon GO game in the mobile platform where the virtual Pokémon goes in coordination with the real world.

Virtual Reality (VR):
From the beginning of the old sci-fi movies, the concept of using a helmet or a head-gear to get transported to a different world is visualised through graphics and animations. With the development of VR, it is almost coming to reality. Many versions of VR headsets are available from various tech titans like Google, Samsung, Sony, etc. However Facebook, the social media giant owns Oculus Rift – a VR company which has the major goal to provide a complete virtual immersive experience. 

Perpetual virtual casino environment:
It is similar to a sandbox game type where the user is free to roam and interact with the game provided the environment. Using this a complete casino world can be created where every element of the casino will be present giving a real life experience to the user. The best part is that the casino game environment will be under constant update through the internet or other means which provides seamless fun to the player.

With the development of many virtual-immersion technologies, it is clearly evident that it is not a long time where a virtual player would meet and interact with another virtual player who is miles away and play in casinos as in the real world with more added features.

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