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A Comparison of Online Bingo to Bingo Halls

Bingo is a game of luck and skill. It is believed that the bingo games first started in Italy during 1530 and it is still played on every Saturday. The game has simple rules, so people of different age groups don’t find it that hard to play. Bingo games have transformed a lot now and are available as online bingo games. Now people can play bingo games anytime, anywhere using their desktops or mobile phones. Sailor Bingo has a wide range of online bingo games with interesting and entertaining game themes. This article will be covering the comparison of online bingo with the bingo halls.

The Atmosphere
In a normal bingo hall, three things can be found – the gaming space, the cashier desk and the caller’s place. In the gaming space area, there would be thousands of players in most cases. This creates a place for good social interaction and some people come to bingo halls just to have a good social interaction.

Whereas in online bingo, players have the chat window to have the conversation with different kinds of people. They can have the opportunity to interact with other players from all over the world. They could even use this opportunity to learn few tips and tricks from talented and experienced players.

The Variety and the Availability
In most of the bingo halls, only 90 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo are available. Whereas in online bingo sites many bingo games are available. Due to the popularity of 90 ball bingo games and 75 ball bingo games, they are found in most of the bingo sites. In addition to those, many new variants such as 50 ball bingo, 30 ball bingo and so on are available to fulfil the expectations of the players. Also, some bingo sites provide games which use playing cards instead of bingo balls to deliver something new to players.

Even though some bingo halls are large they can hold a specific number of people. In case of weekends, there is a higher probability that these bingo halls will be crowded. These could be due to the unavailability of seats in the bingo halls. When you compare with online bingo sites, the number of people can participate is exponentially large when compared with the bingo halls.

The Pace of the Game
In land-based bingo games, the speed of the game varies due to many reasons. The major reason is the bingo caller. Since the bingo caller is a human he might take breaks or may lower the speed due to fatigue or some other reasons. At online bingo sites and casinos, the number is created by Random Number Generator and the results can come up very fast when compared to the bingo callers at bingo halls.

The Price
Bingo halls have higher maintenance, must pay the employees, rent costs and so on. To compensate this cost, they must increase the cost of the services offered to the players. In case of online bingo sites, the cost required to run the bingo games is considerably less when compared to the bingo halls. Therefore, the online bingo sites offer levy fewer chargers to the players. The prices vary on different bingo sites. Sailor Bingo does not charge for services such as customer care and so on.

The above mentioned are few of the comparisons between online bingo and the bingo halls. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages. The player should decide which is the best option to enjoy the game.

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