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4 Great Reasons to Choose UltraTrade for Binary Options Trading

UltraTrade: 4 Great Reasons to choose it for Binary OptionsSince 2008, the binary options trading industry has been offering ways to make money by trading commodities, currencies, stocks and indices. Each broker offers slightly different features for trading similar assets. Learn 4 great reasons for choosing the stream-lined UltraTrade binary options broker to maximize your money-making potential.

“Trading the Right Way”

Binary options trading can be a fun way to supplement your income. If you have a “dead end” job, then you might feel stuck. Make some extra cash by simply predicting the price movement of an underlying asset. Here are 4 reasons why you should trade the right way.

1. Web-Based Platform

How much junk do you have on your home computer? This binary options trading platform is Web-based; no downloads are required.

2. Account Type Levels

Customers can choose from three account levels: Silver, Gold or Platinum. This variety appeals to a range of traders. If you make ample profits, you can also upgrade to the next level in this scalable system. All of the accounts provide full customer support and exclusive access to “Profit Trading e-Books.”

The Silver account has money withdrawal within 7 business days. The Gold account has money withdrawal within 7 business days, a welcome bonus up to 50%, introduction call from a personal account manager and limited sessions with a top analyst. The Platinum account reduces the

money withdrawal to 5 business days, with the potential for a welcome bonus up to 75%, unlimited calls from a personal account manager, 1-on-1 trading sessions and a trial session with a top analyst.

3. Trading Academy

Learn the basic terminology for the binary options industry by checking out the website Trading Academy. The steps for setting up a trade are laid out in easy-to-understand language. There are also videos that can help you learn how to trade with signals.

4. Social Trading

The “iFollow” feature involves Social Trading. When you visit the website, you can look up the top traders. Once you have learned the trading basics, you can follow the more experienced traders to learn how to structure, start and execute real trades. Profit along with others. This social sharing element can make trading much more fun.

UltraTrade provides the right way to trade binary options. The system is easy-to-learn and gets you headed in the right direction for financial independence.